About Emmaus CARES

Emmaus CARES is a not for profit organization, registered as a charity in 2002, to do three things:

  • provide opportunities for healing for adult survivors of trauma, neglect, and abuse through Road to HOPE
  • offer training for those working with survivors to help them understand and better help those they serve
  • help groups and individuals wanting to learn more about the effects of trauma, neglect, and abuse so they can better interact with survivors and do no further harm

Through Road to HOPE we offer individuals the opportunity to:

  • understand why and how the past continues to negatively affect their ability to function normally
  • eliminate the root causes, not just talk about the symptoms
  • acquire a new set of tools to find peace and live successfully

Counselling Philosophy

We use a client-centered approach. No one can change or ‘fix’ another person. What we can do is provide each individual the opportunity to ‘fix’ themselves, to fully recover from the effects of the past, take control of their lives and live successfully. Our approach allows ‘emotional restructuring’- replacing with truth, the lies and distorted thinking that survivors inevitably come to believe because they were not given what they needed during childhood. We provide the information, techniques and tools to allow our clients to understand and erase the effects of the past. They come to accept and appreciate themselves as worthwhile, deserving individuals. They can then live freely as whole, healthy people going forward. Certified Group Leaders serve as teachers and guides as they support them on their journey of healing.