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Road to HOPE

Our core program allows survivors of childhood trauma, neglect and abuse to fully recover from the effects of the past and live as whole, healthy, happy individuals. (see Road to HOPE for more info)

Training and Consultation

Emmaus staff are available to other agencies and professionals to help design and deliver effective programs for survivors or to provide staff training aimed at better serving the needs of survivors of childhood trauma, neglect or abuse.

Leadership Training

Emmaus offers comprehensive training for individuals wishing to become Certified Road to HOPE Group Leaders. (see Leadership/Volunteer Opportunities)

Parenting Seminar

A special seminar for parents is available to increase awareness of how to raise emotionally healthy children who will become young men and women of character and who will be competent, confident and successful as adults.

Speakers and Presentations

Staff are available to speak or offer seminars to groups, agencies, churches and professionals about working more effectively with adults struggling with the damage caused by childhood abuse.